[Diary] - PE Viewer Vulnerability

약 1년 전부터 발견했던 PE Viewer 취약점인데, Exploitable한 분석법(?)을 잘 몰라서 현재까지 그냥 방치해두고 있는 취약점이다..

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[C++/PE32] - Bad TLS Tester

$ ./BadTLS.exe
        BadTLS [filename] [eip]
$ ./BadTLS.exe ./test.exe 12345678
[*] EIP: 0x12345678
[*] TLS Directory: none
[+] Creating...
[*] Complete
[*] save file: ./test.exe_badtls.exe
$ ./BadTLS.exe ./test2.exe ABCDEF
[*] EIP: 0x00abcdef
[*] TLS Directory: 0x000c83c0 (rva)
[+] Overwriting...
[*] Complete
[*] save file: ./test2.exe_badtls.exe
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[C++] - Raw String Literal

MSDN: A raw string literal is a null-terminated array—of either constant char or constant wchar_t—that contains any graphic character, including the double quotation mark (“), backslash (\), or newline character. Raw string literals are often used in regular expressions that use character classes, and in HTML strings and XML strings. For examples, see the following article: Bjarne Stroustrup’s FAQ on C++11.


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